When Will Library Open ???

In the middle of the night, a librarian received a phone call.

"Excuse me, but what time does the library open?", the man on the phone asked.

"Err....  9 a.m. ...". replied the librarian groggily, quite annoyed."Have you called me at this hour just to ask this question ?".

"Yes.....  will it not open any time before 9?", the man asked hopefully,

"No, not until 9 ! what's the hurry to get in any way?", asked the librarian.

"Who said anything about getting in?", the man said,  Sighed sadly,"I want to get out."

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The class teacher  walked up to Anwar  and said, "Anwar, you missed the school last Friday,"

"No, Ma'am  you are wrong, " replied Anwar seriously.

Taken aback by the answer, the teacher asked," Wrong ?  But you weren't in the class all day"

"Oh!, I was absent alright, but I certainly did not miss the  school" said Anwar happily.

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One night the fire department received a call.

"How may I help you ?" a fire fighter asked the caller.

The caller replied, "Sir, I just mowed my lawn this morning and planted new flowers. There is also a lovely rose garden in my front yard"

"That's nice, " the fire fighter said, " but why are you telling me all this?"

"Well, " the man answered, "My neighbour's house is on fire and I don't want you to trample all over my front yard",

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A  maths teacher was quizzing one of her students about the basics of time.

"How many seconds does a minute have?" asked the teacher.

"60 " replied the student.

"How many minutes does an hour have?"

"60 "

"Good, now tell me"  the teacher continued, " How many seconds does a year have ?"

"12 ," answered the student.

Puzzled, the teacher asked, "12 ?"

"Yes ," said the student confidently, " January 2nd , February 2nd, March 2nd ....."

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