Petrol Jokes

Sardar jokes are now outdated--read some Petrol Jokes..
History (for this Black Day) will say:

When the government was robbing the country,

The Indians were busy in watching IPL (!)
***         *** 
New Greetings:

May your happiness increase like Petrol Price,

May your sorrow fall like Indian Rupee, and

May your joy fill your heart like corruption in India…!!!
****             **** 
Congress is fulfilling its promise, when they said: GDP will rise this year.

The only thing we forgot to ask him its full form:

G= Gas & Gold

D= Diesel & Dollar

P= Petrol & Penny
****                ****        **
 Pleasure & Pain come at the same price: Rs.80/- for a Beer Bottle OR 1 Litre Petrol.
Decision is yours… झूम लो, या घूम लो.!!!
*****                  ****
 All Girls’ Dream come True!
All Girls’ Dream Boys will come on horse!
All thanks to the Petrol Price Hike!
****                  ***
 Dear Father-in-Law,
I deeply regret taking a Car in dowry.

Please take your Daughter or Car back…

I cannot afford both.
****                    ****
 Now Tata Nano’s fuel cost will be more than its EMI per month!
*****         **
Soon, Rupee will be SENIOR CITIZEN (above Rs.60 per US Dollar);

Petrol has already become VERY SENIOR CITIZEN in Bangalore (Rs.81 per litre) !!!
****             ****
 Finally it has happened…
After decades,

Beer is now cheaper than petrol !!!

Now, there will be new slogan: JUST DRINK; DON'T DRIVE !!!
****                   *****
 Expensive petrol will help solve the problem of traffic jams!

Drink and drive should not be a problem now.

After all, how many will be able to afford alcohol and petrol on the same day?
*****                   **
 We have the world’s cheapest car and the world’s costliest petrol. रिकॉर्ड बन गया!!!
***              ***
 Sign board at Petrol pump: Buy Petrol worth Rs. 20,000 and get a TATA nano absolutely free.

(scheme for आम आदमी  Now he can get car with petrol! )
****                  ***
 Good News!!!
Please forward this to MAXIMUM people you know, शायद किसी को काम आ जाए:

जिसको petrol Rs.17/- per litre चाहिए,

वो इस petrol pump से जा कर ले ले:

Al Safa Petroleum

Al Khair Road

Muscat, Oman
***                  **
 Man at Petrol Pump: Full tank कर दो...
Attendant: Sir, PAN Card की copy दो...

Man: What? Why? How?

Attendant: Sir, it’s a HIGH VALUE TRANSACTION !!!
***                 ***
 Petrol price hiked by Rs.7.50 per litre…
और करो संता-बंता के jokes!

देखा, सरदार का revenge..!!
***                   ***
 Harbhajan to Dhoni: हम तो जानबूझ के मैच हारे है... पता है की जीतनेवाली टीम को Volkswagon मिलने वाली है, और वो petrol की है...!!!
***               **
 Amitabh Bachchan has decided to take all his payments in Dollars…

वो आज भी गिरे हुए पैसे नहीं उठाता...!!!
****                  ***
 Dharmendra’s new dialogue:
... kutte kaminey  main तेरी गड्डी का पेट्रोल पी जाऊंगा...
****               ** 

Beti: Mom, He is JUST A FRIEND!

Mom: हमने दुनिया देखि है, बेटी... 2 लीटर पेट्रोल जलाके घर आने वाला कभी JUST FRIEND नहीं होता...
****          **
 Petrol Pump Attendant: कितने का डालूँ?
Grahak: 50 ML गाडी पे स्प्रे कर दे भाई, आग लगानी है...
****               *** 

Dear Rupee,

तुम मेरे प्यार में इतना गिर जाओगे,

ये मैंने सपने में भी नहीं सोचा था...

~तुम्हारा Dollar
***                 ***
 रामचंद्र कहे गए सिया से, ऐसा कलयुग आएगा,
कार कैश पे लेगा हर कोई, पेट्रोल लोन से भरवाएगा...!!

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