Answer 100 Crore ka

An Ambitious MLA Phones The Chief Minister’s Residence Later After Midnight.

The CM's Personal Assistant answered the call.

I Need To Talk Urgently With The CM..It's A Matter Of Emergency Explained The MLA

After Much Cajoling The CM's Personal Assistant Agreed To Wake Up The CM.

So What Is So Important That It Could Not Wait Until Morning..Grumbled The Sleepy CM

“The Home Minister Just Died”,.Explained The MLA “and I Would Like to take his place”,
Begged the MLA.

“Well..It's Okay With Me”, agreed  the Chief Minister,”If It's Okay with the crematorium..You may  very well Go Ahead and take his place instead..!

***                 *****                     ****                       ***

Sonia Gandhi In "Kaun Banega Karodpati"

Amitabh : Soniaji, Ab Aakhri Saval, 5 Crore Ke Liye.
Who Is The Chief Minister Of Gujarat ?

Your Options Are...
A)   Laloo Prasad.
                 B)   Vilasrao Deshmukh.
                 C)   Karuna Nidhi
                 D)    Narendra Modi..

Soniaji : It's Narendra Modi.

Amitabh : Are You Sure ? Lock Kar Doon?

Sonia :  If You Really Lock Him Up, I Will Give You 100 Crores!

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